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To whom the Sacred Forest is not sacred

A story from our first investor:

Never had I traveled to Asia. Never had I seen a tropical rainforest. Never had I met the Higaonon people. Though I had invested in eternal protection of the Sacred Forest and I decided to fully dedicate to the intention of saving the whole forest. After all, it is my life mission to protect and humbly serve the earth.

So I traveled to the Philippines, to Rogongon on the Eastern part of Mindanao. Of course I was impressed. The tropical conditions, the flat ocean, the fruits, the jeepney’s, a different culture, a not so luxurious lifestyle for many people, a complex history, and a huge Sacred Forest. Datu and the tribal warriors guided me through the forest. I am a fit guy, but I definitely could not have safely crossed the forest without the incredibly nice warriors, the people of the wilderness.

We went into the forest several times. Each time the tribal elders led a ritual ceremony. They asked permission to Magbabaya, the Creator, to the protectors of the water, the forest, the waterfalls and the caves, and Apo Tominokol, the survivor of the floods, for us to go there. They prayed for safety and security.

I saw an incredibly diverse ecosystem. We went to the waterfalls and experienced some tasteful indigenous fruits. In some of the caves we saw traces of mining activities - the area is rich in gold and copper. One of them being considered a sacred location. Unfortunately, we couldn’t go and visit the bigger mining and palm oil exploitation areas for security reasons.

I was on a mission. I am on a mission. A mission to make sure that the Tribes and Nature Defenders can protect the whole Sacred Forest. As Datu says: “Loss of the Sacred forest will lead to the end of our community.” So I took my camera to make shots for a mini-documentary. My brother and I are now editing the documentary and will release it during an event in June (exact date is going to be announced soon!). I will invite people to participate in saving the Sacred Forest.

How you can participate? Adopt 1ha of Sacred Forest and attend the main event as a VIP or have a private screening at your home with me as a guest (NL only). Any other investment - remember that you and I invest in nature and culture - is highly appreciated as well and will be blessed by the Higaonon tribal people, Magbabaya and the spirits of the Sacred Forest.

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