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  • Invest in my mission to protect the earth

    A basic income helps me to dedicate all of my time to organize Live Earth, represent the earth at the Embassy of the Earth and more.


    Peter works as an activist, drummer and social architect with a mission to give back to earth. He learned to play drums when he was 8, studied civil engineering and worked some time for Boskalis until he realized that somehow systems of humanity and the relationship between men and earth are not right. Peter then shifted his focus and worked with Tom van de Beek on projects like The Pollinators and Kantoorkaravaan. In 2018 he bought 100 hectares of rainforest on the Philippines to be able to return it to the indigenous people. Right now he represents Earth as an ambassador at the Embassy of the Earth where he is taught the skills of a social designer. In the first half of 2019 he launched one of his new projects Voice of the Earth which he hopes to transform into a worldwide concert called Live Earth.

  • Adventures

    "How could I say I love all life if I not at least try to manifest that in actions?"

    Voice of the Earth

    No rules, just rhythm

    Peter joined a journey with The Turn Club towards the Green Culture Festival in Montenegro. The outward journey was by train to showcase a more sustainable way of travel. Peter decided to ride back to The Netherlands on a bamboo bicycle towing a cart with a drum kit. During the journey he launched Voice of the Earth. He listened to the earth and played concerts for mountains, oceans, glaciers, monuments and elements. Read the stories and stay up-to-date on facebook and instagram.

    Put life back in our own hands

    The Embassy of the Earth is a foundation that facilitates community led change. Within the neutral zone of The Embassy people can meet, search and share. The Embassy also has a mediating role between complex issues and people willing to solve them. Since early 2019 Peter supports the organization and projects. He joined the Future Search Conference of White Mountain in Kenya: a Maasai driven initiative to regenerate landscape and livelihood. Peter also helped building the Embassy of the Earth Academy where he and other students are learning the skills of a social designer.

    Sacred Forest of the Higaonon

    Early 2018 Peter bought a Sacred Forest in the Philippines and gave it to the indigenous tribe, the Higaonon. The whole forest of 100ha was acquired after a successful crowdfunding campaign. By buying the land it has now gone off market and thus it is protected against investors from mining industry. Future projects are being explored in Patagonia, Panama, Congo, the Amazone and more.

    Let's pollinate the planet!

    The Pollinators is a platform and community with a mission to address the importance of pollinator species and biodiversity to the large crowd. They sow seeds, plant bulbs and trees and will soon kick-off The Pollinators Academy. The Pollinators is a project of The Tipping Point Foundation.

    Adventure. Nature. Change.

    Man In The Box is a collective of change-activists, that dream of reshaping the path of human development through Adventure-Based-Learning. They translate the core challenges of human life, to outdoor learning experiences, in direct collaboration with trainers, coaches and therapists from the field. And they empower people in transition to take a journey inward, through a series of personal development programs, powered by nature and native culture.

    "That magic moment when an idea, trend, or social behavior crosses a threshold, tips, and spreads like wildfire."

    Peter works freelance for The Tipping Point Foundation of Tom van de Beek. The Tipping Point envisions a world where inequality does not exist, where there are sound ecological and economic systems, where people and nature thrive. Projects include The Pollinators, KantoorKaravaan, Ondernemers van Nu, Changemaker Challenge, many film screenings and more.

  • Agenda

    Where will I see you?

    Voice of the Earth: marathon NL

    May 25th - 26th, 21.00-21.00 at The Shore, Scheveningen

    We will kick-off the Voice of the Earth in the Netherlands with a 24 hour marathon of music and dance on the beach of Scheveningen. We perform in honor of the Earth and do an urgent call for justice, peace and equality for the ecosystems including all beings also addressing the potential of the Dutch landscape which can be considered poor from the perspective of nature.

    Voice of the Earth: White Mountain marathon

    May 25th - 26th, 22.00-22.00 at Mt. Kilimanjaro, Kenya

    The kick-off of Voice of the Earth is now also celebrated with an event in White Mountain area, Kenya (around Mt. Kilimanjaro). Sing, dance, make music and art expressing the Voice of the Earth. Join us both to honour the Earth and to address the enormous challenges facing the people, cattle, wildlife and ecosystem.

    The Turn Club: Green Travel Meet-up

    June 4th, 16.00-19.00 at THNK School of Creative Leadership, Amsterdam

    A networking and brainstorming event in collaboration with Green Culture World at THNK School of Creative Leadership Amsterdam. With interesting speakers, mobilisers and festival organizers, we will discuss the challenges and opportunities of creating inspiring and deepening train journeys to festivals and conventions.

    Green Culture Train Camp

    June 4th - June 12th, Londen to Montenegro

    We gather to promote train travel! Artists, influencers, thinkers, makers and creators join the Green Culture Festival in Montenegro, June 3rd - 12th. Instead of taking the plane we jump on the train for slow travel, inspiration and to spend our time wisely while touring the most beautiful parts of Europe!

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