I'm on a mission to protect the Earth

    A basic income of €1000,- helps me to continue this work. Will you support me together with 19 others?

  • #TeamPeter Board of Trustees

    The Board of Trustees is a speical group of 20 people that buy a share in my mission. Every trustee chips in €50,- per month and you are also my advisor, connector and friend.

  • #TeamPeter Trustees

    Cover my basic needs

    Covering my monthly basic expenses (€1000,-) helps me to dedicate all of my time to protect the Earth. This includes my rent, groceries and others.


    Stay independent

    Independence from organizations helps me to stay authentic and objective, it also helps me to move faster than others.


    Speed-up Earth protection

    Experimenting with new ways to protect the Earth will help us move faster towards this objective.

    Start protecting the Earth

    Help fund a €1000,- basic income by joining my Board of Trustees.

  • How It Works



    20 people join my exclusive #TeamPeter Board of Trustees by investing in my basic income with €50,- per month.



    You are my advisor, connector, trusted friend, and depending on your skills you can help out with other tasks if there are any.



    We celebrate online and offline the achievements of this team through drinks, dinners, video's and voice-messages.

  • My milestones


    Organize the first Live Earth concert with artists all-over the world.

    In progress


    Saved the sacred forest in the Philippines.

    Completed in June 2018


    Built a movement for biodiversity in the Netherlands.

    Completed December 2017

  • What I achieved

    Work I have done with the support of friends

    Voice of the Earth

    My mission is to organize a Live Earth concert with artists at 1000 ecological significant places on Earth. Sign-ups coming soon.

    I'm cycling from Montenegro to Amsterdam with a drum-kit on my bike. I listen to the Earth and play drums at places with historical significance. It already got major news coverage in the biggest news medium of Bosnia, and I've just started.

    Bought and gave back a rainforest in the Philippines

    I bought half of the forest and did a campaign to fund the other half. 250 people supported the campaign financially, we reached over 2 million people with our story in popular Dutch media platforms.

  • It's our time to take action

    Be part of the special 20 person Board of Trustees.